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Team AUF

Every team needs a hero. Why not you?

Team AUF is the grassroots fundraising arm of AUF; where athletes of all ages and abilities turn their passions and interests into unique fundraising events. 

Team AUF was created to engage and support the athletes who don’t receive all the headlines, and made it their mission to raise funds and awareness for AUF.

Whether you are a youth or high school athlete or even a weekend warrior, you can help AUF close the gap to poverty.

Team AUF members share a single goal: help us combat poverty by turning their talents and interests into events that bring their family, friends, and teammates out in a passionate pursuit to help their community.

As an AUF Team Member, you will have access to a wealth of resources to turn your fundraising idea into a reality including:


Chef's Gala

To signup for the Chef's Gala please fill out the form below.